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Activating your team's superpowers

How to activate a winning team

Human behavior expert Nausheen Saumtally will delve into the reasons behind both success and failure under pressure in this training session. She will reveal why certain individuals are able to handle high-stress situations with ease and perform at their best, while others struggle to do so.

Here’s a hint

It is about being authentic with twist of adaptability.

The secret to activating your team’s superpower lies in the ability to understand the team synergy and each individual’s authentic self. In this training, Nausheen does not only explain this – she takes the group through exercises that activates the mind and bring “AHA” moments to each individual all in a safe environment.

A key difference that Nausheen bring to her training is actionable steps for the team. Trainings are easy to attend, harder to implement. Nausheen ensures success in implementing the learnings from her trainings with easy manageable steps that fits right in the team’s day to day. This is where REAL transformation happens within the team.

In a nutshell, it will be an experiential training your team won’t forget!


Attendees will

  • Understand the in and out of communicating effectively
  • Discover their superpowers and know how to use them when they matter most
  • Leverage on each other saving time, energy and money for the organization
  • Adopt the mindset of a winner
  • Understand each other better reducing conflict, misunderstanding and frustrations

As the team leader, you will

Understand how to best provide feedback, inspire or elevate an individual

Make the team your ally to reach your goals and the organization’s objectives

Realign them team to optimize outcomes

Pinpoint the obstacles hindering individuals’ performance.

Refocus the team to enhance productivity

Know exactly how to motivate the team to brings them to optimal performance

Create a learning environment where each team member can thrive


"Nausheen is such a dynamic and engaging speaker and presenter! I had the pleasure of watching her speak at a conference and was incredibly impressed by how engaged and alive she kept the audience till the end of her presentation."
Asia Esanwa
World Diversity in Leadership Conference Moderator

"Our priority was for the audience to walk away with actionable steps, and Nausheen delivered. The audience was engaged throughout and was roaring with discussion in the breakout session."
Dalia Kay
Events & Program Coordinator, University of Toronto

"I was really impressed with how quickly Nausheen was able to capture my full attention and focus. Nausheen is an engaging and charismatic trainer. I enjoyed the workshop so much that I encouraged my manager to roll it out to a larger group within our company and she agreed."
Heather Vander Ploeg
Clinical Project Manager, Becton Dickinson

We recently had Nausheen Saumtally speak at our annual World Diversity in Leadership Conference. Not only was she well received by the audience for her presentation on “Finding the Pattern to Connect'', but she was also easy to work with, personable, and spent extra time interacting with the delegates. Her high energy and enthusiasm were amazing. You won’t be disappointed when hiring Nausheen for your next event.
Patrick Arthur
Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, The City of Edmonton

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