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Nausheen applies her human behavior expertise to her unique coaching style. She dives into 3 key pillars of corporate success for individuals’ contributors as well as team managers:
Self-knowledge and personal growth
Communication mastery
Cultivating leadership excellence


These are the cornerstones of her coaching sessions propelling her clients towards their goals. Goals varies for each individual and some examples are:

  • Enhancing leadership skills and effectiveness
  • Improving communication and interpersonal skills
  • Building and leading high-performing teams
  • Managing change and uncertainty in the corporate environment
  • Strengthening conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
  • Enhancing work-life balance and well-being
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace
  • Managing work-related stress and burnout.

Coaching may not be for everyone and for it to work, Nausheen always has a free discovery session. This ensures that there is a great synergy between her coaching style and the participant before moving forward.

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She brought phenomenal transformation to many leaders across various organization in the US and Canada in small and international organizations. Witness a glimpse of the unparalleled milestones achieved through her coaching expertise.

VP Leadership Transformation

One of the top transformations she brought about was coaching a VP who was struggling in their role and HR was ready to let them go. Over a few months coaching the clients, they were able to understand the barriers to their performance, managed to bring the team together and gain their trust boosting team productivity and changed the perception HR initially had on them. Today, this client has been promoted to Senior VP and are thriving in their role.

Bridging Communication Gap with Technical Lead

Another exceptional transformation one of Nausheen’s clients experienced was a technical lead. They were struggling with communication as an introvert. Although much appreciated for their work, communication up, down and with peers was challenging. This acted as a barrier to their career and for the organization as they had so many great ideas to share. Through coaching, this individual gained confidence in themselves, valued what they bring to the table and leaned into their unique communication style to be able to authentically convey their brilliant ideas and even solve conflicts. Today, their manager trusts them with managing the whole team and they are well connected with senior leadership thanks to mastering communication. They managed to solve many team challenges and enhanced overall team effectiveness.


You or your team can benefit from this transformative coaching experience and surpass all expectations.

Each coaching package includes a DISC assessment which Nausheen uses to deepen self-awareness, identify stress indicators and potential communication gaps. The coaching partnership is designed to fit each individual’s needs with focused attention on their specific goals which is established during the first session.

The corporate coaching package is a minimum of 6 months to allow for real sustainable growth and shifts to happen. Unlimited coaching sessions subject o availability.

Partner with me today to empower your corporate team to achieve remarkable results and organizational success.

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